Coin Treasure Free

Coin Treasure:

The typical slot Machine game and Coin Machine have teamed up to create the Coin Treasure.

Here you can have fun, playing two games in one.
From the makers of Juice up your brain and the best game of the year, returning to the Coin Treasure to entertain everyone.
You just need to unleash your fingers and touch the screen to to enjoy this game.

• Vicious as you!
• Addictive as any.
• Enjoy 3D to the fullest.
• Real Sounds.

Check the value of gold and silver coins that fall and don´t lose the diamonds in this machine of luck. Win the jackpot when you get the three “RRR” symbols of Rodinia Games and enjoy watching how you win the maximum possible coins.

Share your score with your friends in the Game Center and compete with them daily.
Visit us on and leave your comment what you like most about us.
Good luck!!!

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