Coin Pusher Gold

Ipad1 and iPhone 3G and 3GS users be aware that this game runs very slow on your device.

Are you up for a battle unlike any other? This is it! ‘Tapgames’ presents COIN PUSHER GOLD; a truly irresistible coin pusher game that is highly addictive and engaging. Combining elements of fun, strategy, and competition, COIN PUSHER GOLD tops any other available coin dozer game. And you know what? Since you receive unlimited FREE coins, you can play as much and as long as you want without ever getting broke! Escaping from real life has never been more fun and sensible.

COIN PUSHER GOLD simulates your favorite carnival and arcade game. Fun sound effects and dazzling 3D physics make sure you really experience that unique atmosphere. The idea is straightforward: While you tap away, coins drop into the machine, and eventually fall of the edge. The more tactical you play, the sooner you level up and beat your competitors! Goodies such as rubix cubes, laser pointers, lollypops, playing cards, dollar packs, and many more will help you experience the thrill of victory. A leader board tracks your achievements and compares them to all other players. Only one of you can become the ultimate COIN PUSHER GOLD champion! Are you up for a challenge? Then stop reading, download this game, and start tapping away!

Do you enjoy this game as much as we hope you do? Please, rate and leave a comment. Don’t like it? Please, rate and leave a comment as well. We highly appreciate all input and feedback.

✓ Now supported by iPhone 5 and iCloud!
✓ iPad3 and 4 retina display support!
✓ Cool additional mini arcade games
✓ New extremely fast multithreaded physics engine!
✓ Awesome coin and goodie tower designs after leveling up!
✓ Poker chips now included!
✓ Unlimited FREE coins
✓ Numerous fun goodies
✓ Upgrade from Standard to Super Pusher and drop 30 instead of 10 coins until cool down!
✓ Numerous levels
✓ Dazzling 3D effects and physics
✓ Realistic and fun sound effects
✓ Achievements and leader board
✓ Game center ready
✓ Wish list: YOU determine additional features/future updates of this game!
✓ Regular updates based on your input!

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