Coin Party

Join the Coin Party! The most addictive and spectacular coin pushing game *ever*.

Amazing prizes, magical chips and a constant flow of gold coins takes you into a whimsical fantasy world of mind boggling power ups and collections. Coin Party is a game where you drop coins on a table with magical chips and prizes that get pushed into your bucket by a moving dozer. When coins fall off the sides your Karma bar fills up to unlock special table effects.

Offering constant addictive gameplay you can fill up your prize collections, upgrade your chips via recipes and ultimately unleash a wild Coin Party for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to collect the spin tokens that appear on the table and spend them on spinning the prize wheel!

We’re regularly updating this game with awesome new content!

– 3D graphics like never before
– Fun collectible stuffed toys, cars, candies and lots more prizes
– Superb physics, special effects and animations that light up your screen
– Magic chips with unique powers that can be upgraded
– Fill your karma and activate amazing table effects
– Spin the mega wheel to win special rewards
– Complete sets to unlock even more rewards
– Lookout for awesome new updates!

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