Coin Kingdom

New feature: a BLACK COIN lights ♠♦♣♥ marks 8 seconds. Flicks!!!

The new integrated 3D physics engine allows you to control a massive amount of coins with a smooth multi-touch system and flicking gestures.

Insert coins aiming for the arrow lights in order to spin the reels.
Hit the arrow lights quickly, and you’ll get a chance to upgrade by winning reels, from 5 to 9! As you hit the arrows 3 times in a row, you’ll get combo points and the opportunity to spin the reels more.

You are given 3000 coins to start the game.
Even if you run out of coins, you can get FREE coins.

The game has 9 reels and the more numbers you match with, the more you win.
– Match 3 numbers – 10 coins
– Match 4 numbers – 50 coins
– Match 5 numbers – 150 coins
– Match 6 numbers – 500 coins
– Match 7 numbers – 1500 coins
– Match 8 numbers – 5000 coins
– Match 9 numbers – 15000 coins

When matching the number 7, you win double coins!
Especially 777777777, 50000 coins.

Support for 14 Game Center Leaderboards and addictive achievements system with 3 stages containing 13 achievements each!

Aim for the ♠♦♣♥ marks as well! What would happen when you success to light on all the four marks?

You can enjoy more features. Try it out now!
Facebook: Coin Kingdom
Twitter: @HydekXYZ, Coin Kingdom
Home Page:
● You can get FREE coins, only if you run out of coins(you have 0-9 coins) and have no stock to spin the reels.

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