Coin Fever

☆★ #1 in Casino [HongKong,Macau] ★☆
☆★ #5 in Casino [Taiwan,Japan] ★☆

“Coin Fever” is a re-make of classic arcade coin/penny machine. This version embedded a “Slot machine” inside.
Player will obtain different bonus, or trigger mini-games while getting some special slot patterns. Try it & have fun.


– real physic simulation
– slot machine inside
– player can trigger mini-games to get special bonus coins
– Level system to allow player honor up

80年代一時極受歡迎的金幣遊戲, 推金幣機的鼻袓, 重現江湖, 登陸 iOS平台.
COIN FEVER 是一款重製的金幣機遊戲.
一齊投入金幣狂熱, 贏金幣, 昇呢吧 !


– 真實物理模擬
– 內建老虎機
– 啓動小遊戲以贏得更多金幣
– 昇級系統讓你盡情昇呢

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