Cohabit Sudoku

★★★ A New Twist On The Classic Puzzle Game ★★★

Cohabit Sudoku is a creative new twist on the classic game of Sudoku. Each tile on the game board must contain both a Number and a Color — doubling the challenge!

It’s like solving two puzzles at once!

Sound impossible? It’s not, and you’ll be addicted to this new puzzle game before you know it.


• 1,500 unique puzzles with varying difficulty levels.
• Three different board sizes to choose from – 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5.
• Each puzzle is thoughtfully designed to be solvable without guessing.
• Advanced scoring system evaluates game play for the smartest moves in the shortest time.
• Game progress tracking and performance statistics.
• Game Center leader boards.
• Fantastic graphics, music and sound effects.
• Take a hint, pause play, or “double tap” to clear a previous move.

Are you up to the challenge of solving two puzzles at once? Download Cohabit Sudoku today and put your problem solving skills to the test!


★★★★★ Brilliant!
“So simple yet so frustrating, just like a good puzzle should be.” — Mark Woodhouse, UK App Store

★★★★★ Better than Sudoku!
“Nice improvement on the classic puzzle game.” — LogicFanatic, US App Store

★★★★★ Awesome!
— NMi_ru, Russian App Store

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