Coffee Kart

Calling all baristas around the world! Use your skills and serve up a storm! This is a coffee themed game; you will take the driver’s seat in managing your own mobile coffee shop. Experience first-hand, what it feels like to meet the demands of coffee fanatics!

Start your adventure from the Outdoor Mall, where many patrons will visit you and expect their drinks to be filled to the brim! Then setup shop in the local Country Fair and see all the townies rush the stand. Work your way toward the Downtown Area, then into the Indoor Mall. Lastly, after you’ve elevated above the average barista/restaurateur, venture into the world of international coffee drinkers. You’ll need nimble fingers and sharp eyes to get to this place, so put on your best apron and show em what you got!

However, you need to be on top of your game because each area requires your expertise before being moved to the next. Earn 5 stars in each area to unlock the next level!

Hurry, the customers are already lining up for you!

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