Code Breaker HD

This game is the classic board game, Mastermind. The Code Breaker HD game has generated code for any digits. You must try to guess a sequence of unique (non-repeating) digits 0-9. Then, see color of pegs as a hint. (You can change to play in “Color” mode)

Note: The pegs do not tell you about the exact positions of code.

✯Classic Mode
Enjoyable with collection of gifts awards.

✯Arcade Mode
Fun and challenge to finish decode before timeout.

– Two options of hidden code, “Color” or “Number” mode.
– Note (classic mode only)
– Auto saves whenever the game exits.
– Ability to lock guess in any position.
– Entire game including all 10 rows for ipad and 8 rows for iphone visible on a single screen.
– No banner Advertisment
– Single tap lock, placement and removal.
– Sound on and off option.
– FREE for 3 digit code. Additional in-app (4, 5, 6 digit).

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