Coconut Shy

The Most Addictive Game on the App Store 2012!

This game will have you playing for hours. Knock down all the Coconuts with your baseball. Make sure to aim well so you don’t miss the targets. The pyramid of coconuts will have you engaged throwing baseballs all day and night. Collect points the quicker you manage to knock everything down.

Amazing game for the whole family. Fun and addictive. Voted Most Addictive Game on the App Store 2012!

Coconut Shy

❃❃❃Take a trip down to the carnival with Coconut Shy!❃❃❃

★★★The aim of the game is to memorise the sequence shown to you & then repeat it.★★★

★★★Available in these countries:
UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, Tonga, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, ROI, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Libya, Sweden, Iraq, Canada, Hawaii, Russia, Turkmenistan, +more★★★

★★★Stars will appear in a certain order on the coconuts.★★★

★★★once the curtain closes then reopens select the coconuts in the same order.★★★

★★★If you get it wrong, YOU LOSE!★★★