Do you think you eye will cheat you ?
When you see a “red” words, your hand will sure to touch the blue … do not believe? Challenge you now ….
Develop your right brain, exercise your response immediately to challenge our record it! Note: The color-blind to avoid.


– Gameplay is very simple … you can see which word, you touch which color lollipop.
– Lollipop will not stop to don’t lool at the word all the time.
– play with your friends now, when you see the way he know what to do, enjoy the fun from he.
– Challenge our record right … arcade mode more than 1000 points, and upload it to weibo , twitter or facebook. You can proudly tell your friends, you are right brain master!!



– 游戏方式非常简单…你看到哪个字,你就点哪个颜色的棒棒煻就对了.
– 不停变换的棒棒糖,你该不会被他搞到眼花缭乱吧.
– 马上给你朋友试玩一下,当你看到他手足无措的样子,尽情取笑他吧.
– 挑战我们的最高纪录吧…街机模式可以超过1000分,并上传到微博、twitter或者facebook.你可以大声的告诉你的朋友,你是一个右脑达人了.

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