Coats'n'Shorts Lite

Are you looking for a lively and amusing game for your little one? Coats'n'Shorts application is exactly what you need!
Create costumes, combine and re-arrange clothes, change them together with your child and both see how the app’s main character (Ann) is going to react to all those!
Coats'n'Shorts application:
•Helps you to develop your child’s imagination in an easy and unconstraint manner;
•You can spend time with you little loved ones not just having fun, but also helping them to learn something useful.
•Easy intuitive controls for children of pre-school and school age.
•You may play together with your children, experimenting with different styles, getting to know which clothing items match each other (and which do not), giving explanations and solving the tasks together.
•This game turns the routine daily process of getting dressed into a fascinating entertainment for you and your child.
Play and improvise, learn and experiment and watch what is going to happen!

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