Coastal Command


Take control of the battlefield and command your defenses against the invading enemy! Unique defense strategy game designed specifically for iPad.

– Completely simulated weapons. You can see every bullet fired. No randomness!
– Stunning Retina graphics
– Sophisticated map generator where you are able to create unlimited number of maps. You can change the number of islands, island types, map width, map height, enemy path number and more!
– 10 Challenging missions and more coming
-Highly configurable turrets. You can upgrade multiple parts of turrets, change their targeting modes, rotate them, check stats etc.
– In addition to turrets you can call airstrikes, lay mines, launch cruise missiles and more
– And if everything else fails… Nukes!
– Silky smooth controls and user interface
– Stepless game speed adjustment. Slow down or speed up the action
– Massive maps
– Pay once get everything including upcoming missions and content
– Game Center Leaderboards. Compete against friends

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