Clue Drop

Play Clue Drop (Free!), the clue guessing game that lets YOU create the clues.

* Create clues for friends – Create a unique clue for each friend in a crossword puzzle style. Send your music friend one kind of clue, send your sports buddy another. Inside jokes, shared experiences, or just common knowledge. It’s a trivia game like no other, completely personal and unique.

* Guess and rate friends’ clues – Choose fun, fully-animated emotes to tell your friends how funny, clever, boring or confusing you find their clues. Unlock new emotes and words as you level up.

* Gain fame with your best clues – Track your best-rated clues promoted to the Clue Cloud and played by the entire Clue Drop community.

* Challenge yourself – Play the Clue Cloud to solve the best puzzles from the entire community in single-player mode.