✓ 15 BRAND NEW LEVELS bringing the total upto a whopping 90 LEVELS!

✓ Bug fix with regard to app loading. Some of the older devices used to crash on start up, with the new loading bar, this should no longer happen. You should notice the game loads faster.

✓ Mailing list. Look on the pack select screen to join our mailing list and be the first to know when we make Clowning Around 2!

✓ A brand new icon!

You asked for it, we’re making it!

✓ Clowning Around 2 – This one will definitely take a while! Lots of new items, lots of new levels and lots more fun!

TOP 25
TOP 25 app in more than 10 countries.
#1 in 2 countries.
Top 50 app in more than 20 countries.

Mr – ★★★★★
Best iPhone game ever. Totally addictive.

Clowning Around – ★★★★★
by Si1804
Amazing game!! Really good fun!! And so much better than cut the rope!! And as for the music… If you don’t like it…. Turn it off!!! SIMPLES!!! like half the people giving out low ratings!!! It’s been in top apps for a reason!! Seriously download it! You won’t be disappointed! =D

v1.0 Release!

v1.0.1 Bug fix regarding rating the app

v1.1.0 Game Center integration

v1.2.0 Retina Graphics and a new Icon

-15 New levels
-Bug fix regarding a crash on start up
-Mailing list – check out the pack select screen
-Ad support to help us fund new and better games

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town.
Here is everyone’s favourite act, clowns!

With a variety of novelty contraptions and toys, can you help the clowns with their act and get each and every one of them soaked by dunking them in a barrel of freezing cold water! Brrr!

Blast the clowns around with cannons, tilt them on seesaws, bounce them off trampolines and teleport them with the assistance of the magicians hats to get all of the clowns in the barrels.

With special appearances from the juggling clown, the mini-train driver and the devilish Jetpack Sam, there are some very special acts in store for the audience of this circus.

This wonderfully colourful and vibrant physics game is challenging and great fun for all the family. Highly addictive yet simple game play can keep you going for hours!

With 75 levels, 5 different acts and 3 different game modes including timed and arcade mode, the fun doesn’t stop.

Now get out there and let’s pull off the show of a lifetime.

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