Clown Run ! 3D Labyrinth of Doom

You can’t escape a clown.
“Absolutely terrifying…”
“Shriek!! Keep it away from me”
“Could that be any creepier?”
“A satisfying visceral experience in under a minute.”
“God that’s creepy”
“Why did you make this?”
“You are a terrible person, I hate clowns”
“Only things with souls get shadows”
“Scary, weird, entertaining…”
“Ahhhh, nothing calms my soul more than a jack-in-the-box clown chasing me, set to the sound of an evil laugh track. Makes me want to put on my makeup, dust off the ol hatchet, and go for a stroll.”

With feedback like that how can you not try it?
Can you survive longer than your friends?
Give it a try.
Top the Leaderboards!
You think Zombies and Vampires are scary? Try being locked in a maze with Clowns.
Touch the center of the virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen and drag your finger to move. Simple to learn and quick to master.
The clowns will still get you, it’s a big maze, but they never sleep.

Coming Soon:
Zombie Level
Vampire Level

I made this art project as an experiment. It’s about emotional reactions and getting a project done and released on a deadline. I thank several people in the game for inspiring this project. Special thanks go out to the podcasts of Kevin Smith / SMODCO & Chris Hardwick / Nerdist. Without their creativity, passion, and great guests I never would have made this project.

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