Cliff Diving Champ

The ultimate Cliff Diving Simulator!
” Easily the best cliff diving game out there! ”
” Well worth the money…”

Take your diver from the junior 3m local rocky beach meet all the way up to international top events at the whopping, high adrenaline, life-threathening 26m platform.

The game is an evolution of DiveChamp, our other simulation of the more classic indoor acrobatic diving. It features just as realistic graphics captured from experienced divers, the signature ultra-smooth animation and responsive controls for optimal gameplay following closely the beautiful and dangerous sport of cliff diving!

Other features:
– Wide range of heights: 3, 5, 10, 15, 18, 21 and ultimate 26m platforms
– Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward and Armstands dives.
– Pike, Tuck and Twists positions
– Allows freestyle practice; enjoy ripping a simple reverse dive or a double back flip with quadruple twist!
– RPG elements: customize and upgrade your diver thanks to the experience you accumulate by competing and practicing!
– Offers 3 to 5 judges and a palette of qualifying standards just like in real life!
– Follows most FINA and HDA codes, DD rules and judging regulations
– Full Game centre support: achievements, leader boards and in-app store transactions.
– supports all devices with iOS beyond 4.0, with special optimizations for iPad, Retina iPods/iPhones, and the new iPad resolutions. Of course full iPhone5 and iPad mini support!

Special Note:
Update v1.10 is on its way with a fix for the quintuple flips dives of the final meet! (alongside other goodies, like turn based multiplayer!) Thanks for your feedback and patience… have an acrobatic Xmas!!!

****** SALE !!! ******
Xmas launch special 50% off normal price – for a limited time only! Go for it.

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