Click 'N' Color Premium

NOTE: For best performance, please update to iOS 6.

Click ‘N’ Color is fun for every age – especially kids – and is a great relaxation tool when you need to escape the world.

This Premium Edition of Click ‘N’ Color includes the entire alphabet (A to Z … uppercase AND lowercase), 20 outstanding designs, 5 words, and all of the designs from the Standard Edition … all work of the talented Australian artist Debbie Neale.

Many hours of artistic and coloring fun.

In Schools …

Coloring-in is challenging and creative; it helps develop fine motor skills and it’s a calming activity.

In Rehabilitation …

Coloring-in the Click ‘N’ Color artwork is a form of Brain Gym. It develops fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination.

Artists are challenged to follow the pattern or extend their imagination and use alternating colors to create intricate sub-patterns.

Choose one of the great designs and color in each part with just a tap on your iPad.

Change your mind ? Select a different color and re-color the bit with just another tap.

Email your masterpiece to yourself, a friend, or your mom & dad.

iOS 5 users may experience a minor issue where a picture can go blank when filling in. To fix, return to the main picture screen. To stop happening, each time just fill the outside of the picture before doing the rest. You can then fill the outside with white if you like. Permanent fix coming soon (thank you for your patience).

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