*****Fun Learning Game For All Ages!*****
*****A Happy Puzzle Game For Everyone!*****
*****Never Boring! Makes You Think!*****

Clever Dino Free is one amazing game that is jammed-packed with features. One can consider this game an all-in-one game!

Playing Clever Dino Free exercises your brainpower while having fun! This game is ideal for children and perfect for adults!

The mechanics of this strategy game is super simple yet fabulously exciting.

The goal of the game is to never let the Dino jump out of the ice pond!

You can do this by thinking ahead and narrowing down the number of ice pads by tapping ice.

Once you trap the dinosaur, you win the game and you open the next level!

Don’t get left behind! Everybody is downloading CleverDino Free!

Download now!!!

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