Clear Vision 2

Rating: 17+

Clear Vision 2 is a game from Eldring Games AB, originally released 6th February, 2013


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Clear Vision 2 Review

Clear Vision 2 follows in the original’s footsteps, which means it’s a silly, bleak, short, easy, and enjoyable game. You play as a stick figure hitman who, despite making loads of cash, still lives in a run-down apartment. This go-round his busty girlfriend has been kidnapped by gangsters, so you spend part of your time looking for clues to get her back, and the other part doing murder for hire.

The hit jobs come in via e-mail, and usually have unscrupulous motives behind them. A parking valet wants a coworker killed so he can get a promotion. A commuter doesn’t like the way a guy at the bus stop looks at him. You agree to a job, select a rifle to use, and take out the target.


Your view is shown through the sniper scope, and you have to adjust your aim based on the wind speed and the distance to the target. Sometimes it’s not clear which stick figure in a setting you’re supposed to take out, so you have to await instructions like, “He enjoys eating burgers.” Even so, most hits are very easy to make, and the game can be completed in about 30 minutes.

You can stretch it out a little longer if you want to tinker with the extraneous stuff, like betting on boxing matches or playing the in-game stock market. You can also buy different rifles, but for some reason there’s very little to distinguish them, regardless of their cost. Unfortunately, all that stuff is unnecessary, and the game is littered with mispellings and poor punctuation.

But despite all that, sniping stick figures is fun, the cutscenes are funny, and the game has a whole lot of personality. We just wish it was a more seamless experience that was a lot longer and more challenging.