Classic Solitaire

Are you looking for a fun solitaire app to play? Congratulations- you just found one…

But not just 1… You just discovered ★27 solitaire games★ combined into one amazing app!

You’ll really love the solitaire games included… from beloved favorites like Klondike, to the less conventional diamonds like Corona, there are so many games included that you’ll never get bored!

This app is packed full of features, including…

✔ 27 Fun Games to play
✔ Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
✔ HD Retina display support
✔ Detailed help, to easily learn new games
✔ Full Undo/Redo
✔ Great sound effects
✔ Automatic saving/loading
✔ Great cardbacks and backgrounds.
✔ Fireworks when you finish a game!

Here’s a complete list of the games you’ll be playing…

• Aces Up (♠ Strange- but surprisingly fun ♠)
• Alaska
• Australian Patience
• Bakers Game
• Beleaguered Castle
• Brisbane Solitaire
• Canfield
• Chameleon
• Corona (♦ Beware! Scarily addictive! ♦)
• Cruel
• Duchess
• Forty Thieves
• Freecell
• Golf
• Klondike (♣ The timeless classic ♣)
• Montana
• Mount Olympus
• Osmosis
• Penguin
• Pyramid
• Royal Parade (♥ Very hard to complete! ♥)
• Russian Solitaire
• Scorpion
• Spider
• Spiderette
• Tri Peaks
• Yukon

Remember- With 27 distinct games, you’ll never be bored again when you buy this app…

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