Classic House Escape

Justin and Gaby were friends. They playing hide and seek in the backyard.

It’s Justin time to hide. So he went to this classy house for hiding.

This house belongs to Gaby. Gaby’s family was in a vacation trip.

The neighbor misunderstood Justin as thief and locks the door and informs the police.

Justin got trapped in this classy house. Gather the items; incorporate them intelligently to find the key and have GREAT ESCAPE!!!!

Help Justin to escape from this classy house before police arrives….


•Attractive backgrounds
•Mind-bending puzzles
•Creative concept
•Compatible for all devices
•Mind blowing music
•Turn on/off sound
•Short and tricky
•Walk through video is available
•Supports both Phone and Tablet
•No limited timing… Take your own time
•Be careful, it is very addictive!!
•It’s free to play and download

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