Get into the challenging world of Clank!

You will find 30 different levels that won’t give your mind a rest . Think fast if you want to solve the puzzles before time beats you. Move the metal tiles around so they complete a colored path. Looks easy? Give it a try.

Warning: highly addictive!


– 30 levels that will challenge the most demanding players.
– Use the bonus tiles to score more points.
– Use OpenFeint to keep in touch with your friends.

Come in and beat them all.

Clank Tutorial:

Go to to see Clank’s tutorial video

Your aim is to connect the yellow flashing tokens together. To do so, make a path of tokens between these two. Connecting tokens is very easy. You just need to match two tokens up by aligning together triangles of the same color.

Let’s take a look at the yellow flashing tokens. Did you notice they’ve got some triangles brighter than others? You must start connecting tokens using these bright triangles. When two tokens are connected they’ll glow in blue. Connect one more token to complete the path. Move tokens around to complete the path. Yellow tokens can’t be move. They’re the first and last tokens of the path

Try to be fast. Complete puzzles before you run out of time. You’ll get extra time when a puzzle is completed. Sometimes you’ll see special tokens on the board. Use these either to score higher or gain time.

Now you’re ready to start playing! Be the fastest and beat all your friends. Keep in touch using OpenFeint. You can touch the scoreboard to pause the game at anytime. Have fun!

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