City Wars: Natives vs Newcomers


*** Grab your weapon and start clearing the city from all kinds of annoying enemies – cocky gangstars, hypocritical politicians and many other irritating guys you face daily in this dynamic arcade game now! ***

City Wars is an addictive arcade game, in which you have to earn respect in every neighbourhood of the city by beating various types of enemies, in order to become King of the City.

Gather cash by trashing different objects, buy new and more powerful weapons, develop your hero’s skills and reach the ultimate goal – total dominance in the whole city. Choose your weapons wisely, cause there are many different people you have to beat – narcissistic body builders, cocky gangsters, hypocritical politicians and even celebrities. Be careful with the police though!


The game includes:

★ Eight different characters!
★ Three character skills that will help you hit your enemies harder and faster!
★ More than 10 different weapons such as pipe, bat, skateboard, spade, crutch and the most powerful one – the Mighty Hammer!
★ Many accessories that will help you throughout you quest by increasing your skills and or giving you temporary boost for each game session!
★ Ten different city neighbourhoods!
★ Many different types of enemies – bodybuilders, gangsters, politicians and even celebrities!
★ Game Center leaderboard –can you beat your friends score?

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