Circus Story-HD

The circus came to iPad! This is a simulation management of the circus animal game.
When you get into the great circus country, please get ready for a big fight!!!! It Shows small animals with various special skills, accompanied by the cheers of the happy audience. There will be a lot to make gold in an account. Use the money and you can keep all kinds of new items and acquire performance upgrade. You Can hire more trainers to help guide the animals to better performance and you can also go to the world map, open new show and practice small props to help you ease financial difficulty. Look at the operation of the circus, do not forget to check the calendar often, I think events will excitingly challenge you!

See some great performances of lion unique skills, and flip through to show the accessories, then click on trainer to guide the executor. You are not far from the fortune!

Present to you:
-6 kinds of elegant performance props, upgrade it can improve performance efficiency.
-15 challenging event in Calendar system
-three elegant circus scenes in world map
-7 cute trainers and a variety of small animals.
-six practical small props button.

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