Cinderella World

“Cinderella World” is a funny sorting game to spend a great time.

It’s a meditative pastime for grown-ups and an awesome developmental game for small children.

There is a child mode where the levels are not limited in time, this will let children learn to sort different objects.“Cinderella World” is a fine and modern way to teach children to distinguish color and shape, the game also develops fine motor skills and reaction.

This is an old story told in a new way. If Cinderella had a smartphone, her life would be much easier. Do you remember this fairy-tale? A harsh step-mother forced Cinderella to sort beans and lentils while she and her ugly daughters were partying. You can help the poor good little girl! Can you tell beans from pumpkin seeds? Will you be in time to sort grains before the bad-tempered step-mother is back?

You have to do it! Or your device will turn into a pumpkin!

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