Chuggington Terrific Trainee!

Now your little trainees can ride the rails with their favorite Chuggington characters, Wilson, Koko, Brewster and Action Chugger! There are sixteen action-packed missions as you follow Vee’s instructions to make deliveries, patrol the rails and race against time. Earn bronze, silver and gold badges along the way! Traintastic!!

Train each Chugger to switch tracks and activate special features that will help them on their missions. Make Wilson jump off the rails; make Brewster grow bigger and stronger; make Koko speed down the tracks; make Action Chugger fly through the air!

Load and unload each Chugger’s special deliveries, just like on the show! But watch out – you never know what might be blocking the tracks – fallen trees, oil spills, or even cows!

Help your Chugger pick up monkeys, trash, boulders and passengers while patrolling the rails and return them safely to their destinations!

It’s up to you, trainee, to get each Chugger’s rush delivery to its Chuggington destination on time by avoiding missing tracks!

Play in Easy (for beginners) or Hard (for fast-paced) to earn bronze, silver and gold badges!

About Chuggington:
This popular preschool TV series, which airs daily on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming block, features the adventures of three trainee engines, Koko, Wilson and Brewster, as they learn to become full-fledged Chuggers in Chuggington. While kids love the action and adventure, parents have praised the series for its positive social readiness lessons such as sharing, trying your best, and why telling the truth always works out best. Visit the series website at for more traintastic fun!

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