ChromoHunt S: Pattern Find Puzzle

Word find puzzles just got a colorful new twist! In this game, 5-cell color patterns will be hidden in a grid (15×15 on iPad, 9×9 on iPhone and iPod Touch). Your job is to find the pattern in the grid and touch the first cell, then repeat until all patterns have been found. Patterns will be shown in horizontal (left-to-right), vertical (up-to-down) and diagonal (left-up to right-down) directions.

There is practically an infinite number of puzzles so you never have to worry about running out!

To play, first click “NEW” then wait for up to 10 seconds while your puzzle is generated. The patterns you’re hunting for will be displayed below the grid. Touch one of the patterns, then touch the first cell of that pattern within the grid. Repeat for the next pattern. When you finish the last pattern the game will display your time.

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