Christmas Test

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From the creators of Impossible Challenge and Doodle Paint comes another great app. Christmas Test!!!

Do you sometimes wonder how smart you really are? Do you like to challenge your friends or family? Buy the Christmas Test today and find out how smart you are! This game is full of fun and exciting levels, fun for the whole family. You will never imagine what kind of questions you will get! See how fast you can pass this test, if you can. Challenge your friends and see how fast they can beat it. You will LOVE this fun Christmas theme!

-Different skill questions
-Difficulty Levels
-Retina Display Images
-Retina Icon
– Checkpoints
– Lives Range and Continues According to Difficulty Level
-Fun Animations (including snow in the game)

Perfect for the Holiday Season. Remember that you can gift this app to a special person so they can enjoy the game as much as you do. Just click on the “Gift this App” button.

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