Christmas ABC – Connect the Dots for Kids

❄❄❄ A perfect app for the advent season! Let your kids discover a winter wonderland and learn the alphabet by tapping on the dots. It’s fun! ❄❄❄

The game interface is kid friendly and does not overload your kid with too many stimuli. The game helps to recognize shapes and to improve the fine motor skills of your kid. By tapping on the small dots one after the other, the order of the letters in the alphabet can be learned and recognized step by step.

❄ dots labelled with letters that have to be connected one after another
❄ kids hear the letters while tapping on the dots
❄ random starting order – one image can be played more than once!
❄ the next dot to be tapped is highlighted in an other colour
❄ the balloons at the end of a successful game are a nice and fun
❄ the sounds make it fun to play

☃ The free version consists of 3 games, more can be easily purchased in-game.

Merry Christmas!

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