Chopping Mania

NO.1 iPad App in Malaysia!
NO.1 iPad Game in 6 countries!
NO.1 Action Game for iPhone in 22 countries!

Thank you!

*** Playing tips ***

* Tap and Hold the cucumber with your left forefinger. You can bang down knife only while cucumber has been held!
* You can bang down knife by tapping with your right forefinger on rightward regardless Y-axis position, no need to tap on cucumber to chop. I believe tapping under the cucumber is most easy way to chop correctly :D
* Hard to pull new cucumber? Move your finger downward more than 100 pixel on the arrow leftward!


Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Chop cucumber quickly and thinly! Addictive and simple!

You can play 7 different game mode.
Online Ranking available!

* Time Trial
Earn predefined point as fast as you can.
100 points, 500 points and 1000 points.

* Chop & Chop
Earn as much points as you can.
10 seconds, 30 seconds and 1 minute

* Sudden Death
Continue game till you fail chopping.

Playable in short time of period, and with the ease.

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