Chirp Chirp

Chirp Chirp is all about birds – plump, tubby, roly-poly birds of all kinds. Tap the screen to hatch a bird – the bigger you hold, the bigger the bird is going to be. And you want BIG birds! But careful – those nasty little balls will make your bird go “plop!” if they touch it before you let go, and you’ll lose a life.
Your goal is to fill two thirds of the screen with birds. Watch out for your eggs! You only get a limited number for each level. If you run out of eggs, you’ll lose lives for each bird you hatch.

The first 7 levels of Chirp Chirp are free. The full game is only 0.99$, and it comes with an unlimited number of levels. It comes with a ever-growing flock of chirping, hooting, piping birds of all kinds.
Chirp Chirp is constantly updated, and we’re always adding new content: special themes, new game modes…and new birds, of course.
To keep you updated, we’re on Twitter (!/ChirpChirpGame), Facebook (, and of course on the OpenFeint forum you can reach trough Chirp Chirp’s highscore pages.

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