Chinese Invader: Speak to Defend Lite

“Chinese Invader: Speak to Defend” is a game for you to practise the saying of daily life Chinese words (Chinese Putonghua/Mandarin). If you pronounce the Putonghua/Mandarin correctly, missiles will be launched to destroy falling rocks. It does not matter if you can say little or none Putonghua/Mandarin, because the app provides Pinyin/Zhuyin of Chinese words to assist you.

Chinese rocks are falling down to destroy your land. Speak to the microphone to issue commands to fire missiles. Eliminate the attacks and protect your homeland!

Features of the game:
* 38 levels of over 1000 kinds of rocks
(lite version has a limitation of 3 levels)

* intelligent speech recogniser to recognise your commands

Speak to defend!

Note: When you are in a noisy environment, plugin your earphone with mic for better speech recognition.

Get Full Version for USD$0.99 ONLY:

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