Chinese Checkers King (free)

Chinese Checkers is a game that is played between 2 and 6 players. The rules of the game are very straight-forward. If you haven’t played Chinese Checkers before, simply click on the demo button and watch 6 players play against each other.

This application has several features that will interest you.
1. The settings scene allows you to keep or remove the idle players from the board.
2. The AI engine difficulty level is configurable. A serious amount of time has been spent to improve the AI logic. At the Guru level, you should have a very good game. The easy level is great for learning how to play.
3. A variation has been added to allow random sprinkling of pieces on the board. This makes for some very interesting games.
4. For beginners, an option has been added to indicate all valid moves for a piece. Simply touch a piece and you get to see all valid slots. You can then click on the destination slot and watch the piece move to the slot. You can disable this highlighting if you already know the game.
5. You can change the colors of the pieces by using the color picker in the settings scene. Simple drag-and-drop allows you to rearrange the board colors.
6. A help scene provides instructions on game play and the rules of the game.
7. The configuration screen allows you to disable game sounds, music, highlighting, …

In order to subsidize the price of the app, advertisements are displayed at the bottom of the board in an un-obstrusive manner.

The free version allows you to play against a single opponent – the AI engine.

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