ChinChatComics presents: ChinBounce!

Discover the terrific cast of chinchilla characters from the popular ChinChatComics as they come together to defeat Chester the evil Communist Cat! Now on your iPhone and iPod touch – brought to you by Old Skool Studios.


On a day like any other, Rolo learns that only she and her chinchilla friends can stop Chester from spreading his Communist ways. Join forces with them in the ultimate battle against comic destruction! After getting trained up in her Ninja ways, Rolo returns from the old country to take on Chester the Cat and save her chinchilla friends. Can she rely on Shakespeare to bring her home? Will they have the skills to defeat Chester?

Use Rolo’s Ninja boosting skills to help Shakespeare bounce, fly, jet pack, and crash his way across great distances. Learn super combos while using earned boosts to aid you in your epic quest.

This is an arcade style launching game where your goal is to use your boosts and combos to get Shakespeare as far as possible. Some chinchillas are helpful, but some will slow you down. As you progress through 20 game levels, be sure to visit the skills shop for upgrades! The farther Shakespeare travels, the more boosts he earns, and the more he sees. Can you make it to the power plant? Just keep your eyes out for Chester – he can stop you in your tracks.

Oh, and don’t be afraid of the ghosts … they won’t harm you, but they’ll SCARE THE HELP out of you and your friends!

Trailer Video:

ChinBounce is OpenFeint enabled with global leaderboards and unlockable achievements, including one secret achievement.

Be sure to keep up with their antics in the remarkably popular online web comic at – updated every Mon&Wed!

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