Childhood's End

*** Obligatory Quote Praising The Game: “Best Game Evar – 100% freemium junk free!!!! – Big Phil’s Mom 10/10″ ***

— ATTENTION — When purchasing the Bargain Pack, if you do not receive all items, use the Restore button in the Store.

Use your wits and tactics to guide Big Phil along his quest in this engrossing defense game with towers!

Join Big Phil now and help him navigate his adolescence as he fights off the evil teddy bears of his childhood!
Your tactical skills and a little bit of luck, is all Big Phil needs to see him through his teenage years!

Download Childhood’s End now and prepare for the fight of your life!

Get ready for an epic adventure to defend against the mob of nasty teddy bears that awaits you and Big Phil.
A vast armory of towers await your commands!
Customize your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades!
Burn, electrify, pierce, bomb, freeze, and sting your enemies into oblivion on your quest to overcome an evil childhood nemesis!

Childhood’s End highlights:

• Contains NO FREEMIUM JUNK that makes you buy something or grind endlessly!

• Go hands-on in LARGER THAN LIFE defensive battles that will keep you coming back to finish the fight!

• Build, upgrade and salvage a WIDE ARRAY OF EXCITING TOWERS!

• Different ENEMIES on the GROUND and in the AIR!


• In-game TUTORIAL

• Play for hours on end with a VAST NUMBER OF LEVELS with BRANCHING PATHS so you can choose your battles!

• Colorful and charming HIGH-DEFINITION art!

• Use the TOWERPEDIA to deploy the right tower for the job.

• Analyzable TEDDYOLOGY compendium to help Big Phil thwart his enemies.

• TWO SKILL LEVELS (Normal and Hard) and 3 TYPES OF LEVEL DIFFICULTIES to keep you coming back for more fun.

• Tons of gameplay and challenging Game Center ACHIEVEMENTS.

• Cloud SYNCING of game saves and settings.

* iPad 1 users: Childhood’s End is a memory intensive game so you are advised to close background applications before playing.

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