Chidiya Udi for iPhone

The age old Indian game now opens, for the world to play. A unique game that takes every player through a test of concentration and quick reflex, to claim victory over their opponents and become the master at Chidiya Udi.

The game is simple, place your index finger on the allocated spot on the screen and lift it only when a flying object/being pops up. It could be a bird, or even a balloon, it could even be a flying saucer, but dodge the random cow/tea cups. The moment your concentration drops, the game ends, taking every player through a loop of addiction as they battle it out with their patience to last the longest.

So get set with your friends to play the ultimate test of concentration, relive your days if you’ve played it as a kid and reminisce. Download Chidiya Udi and let the fingers fly!

“As a kid, my grandfather used to play the game with me, he was ecstatic when I played the game with him on my iPod. Its like revisiting with him in over a ‘My generation’ medium.”
– Craig Pinto

“Addictive, tricky, couldn’t take my finger off for 1 hour flat. Along with everything else that flies, one thing that surely flew while I was playing this game was ‘Time’.
Play, replay, then play again.”
– Sanjna Mukherjee

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