Chicken Slider Free

✔ Very addictive, Very simple, One touch game.
✔ 8 free stages with U.S.A. !
✔ 16 advanced stages with Chile, France, China, and Greece !

Game story :
✔ Poor chicks are locked in cages all over the world.
✔ Save them to free them!
✔ You are the last chicken to save them!

How to play :
✔ Speed up to fly higher to save more chicks, finish a stage on time!
✔ Touch the screen to fold wings to drop quickly in the sky.
✔ Additionally eat 8 kinds of fruit in different stages!

Tips :
✔ Save as many chicks as possible!
✔ Get combo points by successfully jumping for higher score!
✔ Play with hard mode to get higher score!

✔ Different ways to clear the same stage!
✔ You see different paths whenever you play!
✔ Whenever you jump, you feel something hot in your body!

Demo video:

✔ We donate 10% of the In-App Purchase for providing vaccines for African children.