Chicken Rain

New version includes
– Exciting new stages for you to get more coins!
– A new level-up system which will give you numerous unexpected Christmas presents!
– All newly updated graphics
– Multiplayer mode that allow you to enjoy the game with your friends or people around the world

★ Rank #1 in Hong Kong Overall Top Free Highest ★
★ Rank #3 in Taiwan Overall Top Free Highest ★
★ Top 25 in US Game/Casino Highest ★
★ Over 400 five stars rating among stores.

★★★★★ “The chicks are cute. I feel relaxed and peaceful while playing. Very nice game” – Our favorite App Store review.

Welcome to our chicken farm!
Here we rain them in and all you have to do is sort ‘em, out. Be quick as things get mighty exciting, mighty fast on this farm! Yee haw!

– Put your chickens side by side to earn even more coins!
– Activate x1.2, x1.5 or even FEVER stage to gain bonus coins.
– Collect 32 unique animals that will help you inside the farm.

– Highly addictive, unique and wacky coin-dropping machine game, with chickens!
– Different stages for you to earn bonus coins
– Slot machine to get specials!
– 8 series with 4 different classes of unique items to collect

– Enjoy the game with your friends or challenge the people around the world with Multiplayer mode powered by Nextpeer.

– Hilarious graphics and art
– Entertaining music and sound effects

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