Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop is a top-down puzzle platformer that introduces dual analog controls to iOS. You play the game with both your thumbs. Chicken Coop includes retro-style graphics, catchy tunes, and incredible gameplay…read on…


It’s another morning and Carl’s woken up only to not know where he is. He’s done it again. He has sleepwalked the entire night and the problem keeps getting worse. Each night he finds himself farther and farther away from the chicken coop…and he needs your help.

Your job is simple: successfully get Carl back to the chicken coop. Half-asleep, he’ll have to climb bushes, fences, and even buildings, finding and eating his feed to stay alive while also not becoming breakfast himself.


“Those who are looking for a fun new pick-up-and-play game will want to check out Chicken Coop. The controls are fun [and] the music is catchy…”

– AppAdvice

“Chicken Coop is a cute puzzle platformer.”

– iPhoneItalia

“Really fun game, played on the subway today (very addicting) the ducks.”

– Meggs353, App Store customer


★ Never been done before “dual analog” controls (both your thumbs!)
★ Retro style graphics that are nostalgic yet polished
★ Try to find and collect all feeds to get the gold trophy and eventually gain extra health
★ Awarded extra health for every six gold trophies attained
★ Easy access to maps (via the pause menu), to view the entire world and location of feeds
★ Progressive heights…go from ramps and bushes to fences, fences to haystacks, haystacks to hedges, etc.
★ Stay on higher objects as long as you don’t fall (or get knocked!) off
★ Quick restart of levels
★ Sixty carefully crafted levels, three worlds
★ Five enemies, each with different characteristics
★ Different enemies and scenery specific to each world
★ Three catchy music themes for each different world
★ Lots of hidden secrets (we’re not telling!)

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