Chick and Fox Season

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We are always been told about the Chicken & Fox fables. Well this Winter 2011, everything is going to change!

In this story, there are four friends of chick who called themselve “Super Chick”. They are:
1. Pipsy
2. Misa
3. Moos
4. Akilis

They love to run as their dream to qualify the 2012 Olympic Game.
However in their neighborhood, there are a gang who loved to bullied Super Chick whom lead by Foxy the Fox, Ollie Owlly and others.

Foxy and his friends always put trap at the place that Super Chick use to train.
Therefore in this mission, you need to guide Super Chick to run as far as they can while avoiding the trap. While running, you also need to collect (eat) worms and other unlocked powers in order to spoil the Foxy & Friends trap.

You will get addicted and adrenaline rush when helping Super Chick running in this game.
Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement experienced when you can play the games based on the speed that you wants.

Game Features:
1. OpenFeint Leaderboard & Achievement. Compete with your friends even the world!
2. Email to Friends. Just don’t get to cocky. You might beat by your friends soon!
3. Tilt to move the Super Chick.
4. Four Power item to unlock in the game.
5. Four Super Chick character to unlock.
6. Currently two theme available: Classic & Winter. More to come soon!

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