“Chibineko Man” (“Cute Kitten Man”) is a game in which the participants try to “touch” the flying Chibineko Man and Doraneko Man, in order to bring them down.

[How To Play]
In thirty seconds, the participant who “touches” and “brings down” the largest number of “Chibineko Man” and “Doraneko Man” is the winner.

[Chibineko Man]…White Cat. Let me tell you that there are kids among them who take it easy! 1cat=10pt

[Doraneko Man]…Brown Cat. There are kids who are small and quick! 1cat=50pt

[Brown object]…If you touch them, you’d get your score deducted and you’d lose. -40pt

Your best score could enable you to get ranked with other participants.
Let’s enjoy ourselves by competing with our friends all over the world by comparing our scores.

※Important Note
・Your pictographs do not correspond to your nickname.

. “Ranking” is done at the “location” where all your friends (who played the game “Chibineko Man”) could participate.

Please avoid nicknames which can easily identify the users (such as full names) and those whose contents might make your friends (who are participating) uncomfortable.

If you break the rules, your data may be erased. Let’s obey the rules and enjoy the game to the fullest., all right?

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