Chibi Pet

This isn’t your 90’s Virtual Pet although it looks like one. We took the retro look of an LCD virtual pet, with their colorful cases, cute pixel smiles, and put them right on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! You can raise your Chibi Pet and they’ll even transform depending on the environment they are living in. Connect with other iOS devices to trade items and gain achievements in Game Center.

Chibi Pet Spice introduces you to the exciting and growing world of Chibi Pets, small creatures that live in another dimension between wireless spectrums. You adopt a Chibi Pet and raise it so that you can better understand their world and how they change. You can play games with them, take photos with them, and feed them, collect items and more!

Chibi Pet Spice includes 11 Chibi Pets, 3 of them unique to this version! Try to raise a Chibi to transform into all of them!

Connect with Chibi Pet Sugar, Chibi Pet Snips, and Chibi Pet Soy to trade items and find even more Chibi Pets! Or download Chibi Pet Sugar, Chibi Pet Snips, and Chibi Pet Soy to your device and raise four Chibi Pets at a time!

This app includes in-app purchases to customize the case, get new environments, and new overlays for the Chibi Pet Photo Booth! Adopt a Chibi Pet today!

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