Chiaki Cook FREE

Christmas Special ! Tens of thousands of people have downloaded. FREE for a week !, we will be offering free updates to the great and very enhanced future version ! The very popular Chiaki Cook, played by millions over the years is now available on the iPad. Very addictive, very fun cooking game. Realistic Chopping of funny ingredients and stiring of soup to dissolve the strange things you have chopped up. Kill the bugs while you are at it to earn bonus points !

To play : Select the knife to chop all ingredients except for the stone, you have to use the hammer for that. Chop till the guage reaches 100% and then stir the soup till the guage reached 100% as well. Lots of fun. Some use this as a stress release !

Race against the clock ! Global Ranking and Achievement Badges.

Combined Leaderboard with iPhone version

Clever and fun ★★★★★
by Zedwritesreviewssometimes – Version 1.16 – Aug 9, 2012

Addicting! Great for kids and adult. Can’t wait for upgraded features and upcoming versions of this game.

Nice game. ★★★★★
by Ishey Miyake – Version 1.16 – Aug 7, 2012

I like very much this game. Its so cute, please continue make better version with more fun.

combined leader board ? ★★★★★
by – Version 1.16 – Aug 7, 2012

I guess we can play with the iPhone users as well ? pretty cool !

thumbs up ! ★★★★★
by Rashid Mashid – Version 1.15 – Jul 31, 2012

i enjoyed this very much. its very innovative to be able to stir till the onions melted.. keep it up !

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