Chewy Balls HD

Vibrant colors, wacky characters and unlimited fun….

Wondering what Chewy Balls is all about? Take a quick look below.

Chewy Balls is an exciting game, which promises to offer one hell of fun to people of all age group. Your job is to match 3 or more similar chewy balls and make them detonate. With the help of the catapult, unite the chewy balls and try detonating as many as you can.

A word of caution dear friends, the game will be over if the chewy balls reaches the surface. So be quick in your moves as Chewy Balls tests your agility at every go.

The game comprises of 4 unique game modes:
Green, Kids, Winter and Endless

Green, Kids and Winter consists of 30 levels each with different set of animations and lively colored characters in each mode.

Endless mode offers unlimited gameplay and unlimited fun.
How does Chewy Balls differ from existing games, check out the features available.

➢Shock – The Shock effect clears maximum chewy’s based on the target
➢Fire – The Fire effect will clear the chewy matrix in a straight set
➢Joker – This acts as a trump card, this feature will detonate a pair of similar chewy’s
➢Enabled with game center for global scoring

Have a great time playing!!!

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