Chess with 9 Levels

Chess, with 9 different levels, so you can test your levels exactly.

Currently first 3 levels are open and later 6 levels are in in-app purchase.

For each level, you have to win 3 consecutive times to pass. After all levels passed, you are the same level as professional Chess player.

This is also a facebook free app, the url is here:

All levels are open in facebook.

For the buttons, they are:
1) rate, to rate the app in app store
2) mail, to invite friends to play this app
3) restart, to surrender and restart a new game

4) full version, to buy the in-app full version.

This is a professional test, no undo!
Welcome any advice and suggestions.

Hi all,
The new version has been updated, and you can purchase the full version, update the local settings now.
If any problem, just post a review or let me know via email(

Weikuan Zhou

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