Chess-wise Online

Finally, there is a full-featured app for playing chess online for the iPhone and the iPad.

– Play chess against real people
– Strong online computer opponents
– Select you opponents
– Online chatting
– Easy move entry
– Observe games
– Solve puzzles
– iPhone and iPad interface

NOTE: a great companion to Chess-wise Online is the free app SocialChess, with which you can play correspondence chess.

Play chess against real people
Chess-wise Online logs you in on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS), where there are hundreds of people available at any given time. Play against your friends, or against people you don’t know (yet).

Strong online computer opponents
Next to the human opponents, FICS has a number of computer opponents with strong AI. Play and practice!

Online chatting
While playing a game, you can chat with your opponent. Of course, you can turn chatting off if you really want to concentrate on the game.

Easy move entry
Why choose between tapping and dragging? With Chess-wise Online you can either enter your moves by tapping on the squares, or by dragging pieces. No settings required.

Observe games
Instead of playing a game yourself, you can watch other people play. And while you are watching, you can chat with other observers of the same game.

Solve Puzzles
Solve thousands of puzzles (mate/tactics/study), which are made available to you by the FICS puzzlebot.

iPhone and iPad interface
Unlike most other online chess apps, this app makes full use of the screen of the iPad. There is even a full-screen mode, where you can see only the board and the clock. No other distractions. This way, you can fully concentrate on the game.

If you are serious about improving your rating at FICS, then this interface is for you. Try it for free (guest account only) and unlock to the full version if you are happy with the interface.

Enjoy playing Chess-wise Online!

Note: you will not be charged again if you upgrade on your other devices.

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