Chess Time

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Chess Time – Free Multiplayer Chess!
Do you like chess? Do you have friends? Do you have friends that like chess? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Chess Time is FOR YOU!!!!

Chess Time allows you to play chess with your friends on the go and anywhere. Make a FREE ACCOUNT and invite them to a game! Don’t have any friends? That’s okay because you can select a random opponent. Chess Time sends push notifications so you will always be aware of your next moves. It even allows for you to chat with the other players! This is not a pass and go game, its the REAL MULTIPLAYER DEAL! Download today FOR FREE!!!!!!

– Play chess!
– Play against your friends
– Different chess sets!
– Game level chat!
– Account based! (Guest login supported)
– History of games played!
– Rating auto calculated.
– Export your game moves and share with a friend!
– Leader Board
– Tag players as friends

— Now play using the IPad. —


Come on in and play some chess !!!!!

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