Chess Score-Sheet

**To erase saved games, swipe across the game to be deleted in the “Saved Games”/”Load Games” section**

Chess Score Sheet allows recording and play back of chess games in an elegant, crisp and intuitive application. Chess Score Sheet is great for casual players to seasoned professionals. Eliminates the need for expensive, bulky additional devices created just to record chess moves.

Drag and drop pieces or use the pad entry mode. Then e-mail the PGN files for analysis by your favorite chess program.

With Chess Score Sheet you will never have to record your game on paper just to reenter into a chess program. You will eliminate recording mistakes and never wonder what moves were actually played.


-Set up your profile, complete with e-mail, ranking and picture
-Start a game with a saved or new opponent. Just choose colors, take a picture and enter ranking or just skip it and start playing
-Drag and drop pieces or use the pad entry mode to record moves. Chess logic checks for legal moves, detects draws and checkmates
-Easily back up one or multiple moves. Mistakes are quick and easy to fix without losing time
-Save your game and/or email it to yourself, friend or coach
-Replay saved games
-PGN export support

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