Chess Roulette

Chess Roulette is a brand new companion to your chess games. With a full deck of game-altering cards, Chess Roulette delivers a new twist to the classic game of chess. All the rules of chess still apply, but each move is accompanied by a “card” that gives you unique possibilities. Maybe you will be able to move your queen like a knight. Perhaps you can raise a captured piece from the dead. With over 50 unique commands, Chess Roulette has plenty of tricks up it’s sleave.

Chess Roulette has 4 variations:
1. Contortion – A deck of cards that players draw with each move.
2. Roulette – Each player spins the wheel and accepts the fate, good or bad.
3. Rebirth – Each spin of the wheel has the power to bring a piece back from the dead.
4. Assassin – Each spin means almost certain death for a piece.

Similar to games like Knightmare Chess where cards alter the rules of the game, Chess Roulette adds an element of chance to the game. This makes for fun games between opponents who aren’t evenly matched or are just looking for a new way to play chess.

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