Chess – Online

Play chess online with your Game Center friends!

Game of Kings – Online Chess offers both speed chess and correspondence-style multiplayer chess action, so you and your friends can play at your own pace. Make your move, and you’ll get a notification when it’s your turn again.

== Free ==
* Play timed, rated matches with Game Center friends or random opponents
* Ratings and win statistics are synced via iCloud
* “Health bar” helps see at a glance how close the game is
* Tapping left arrow under game board let’s you see previous move
* Offer opponents rematches
* Swipe completed games to remove them from your game list

== Unlocked ==
* Play as many simultaneous matches as Game Center will allow, ad-free
* Choose a new theme
* View the full move history for your current games
* Not sure how a sequence of captures will play out? Just go ahead and play it out right there on the board. Once you’re satisfied, back up to your current move and submit it